Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happiness is...

"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times." -Aeschylus


...forehead smoochies!!


...sled rides with your favorite person!

...dressing your pets up like other animals!!

...origami with Hello Kitty paper!!

...spending the holiday season with loved ones!


...picking lots of colorful flowers and making someone smile with a bouquet!

...taking a bath with all of your favorite toys!!

Sending you all lots of happiness and joy!!


7 Quirky Comments:

Wade said...

Haha that ferret doesn't look too happy about being in a bunny suit. Looks like he's about to murder someone...

Leah said...

Thanks for sharing your happiness Jacque. I love that origami on HK paper.

miss lucille said...

i agree on all accounts! also, love the pic of the two little snowmen. adorable.

Jacque said...

♥ Wade: lol!! I agree but he's super cute dressed as a bunny!! That's probably what George would look like if I tried to dress him like a bunny!

♥ Leah: I know! Anything is better with Hello Kitty, even origami!!

♥ miss lucille: The little snow people made me squee with happiness so I had to include them! Glad you liked it!

Evie said...

This is an awesome idea for a post! I really like it! I think you should make this a regular segment. My favorite was the cat swimming in the bath with his bath toys! This post made me happy =)

cupcake cutie said...

happiness is.... YOUR BLOG :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

those cookies look amazing!

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