Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adventures with iPhonie!!

Squee!! This is the Hello Kitty plushie that my sister bought me for Christmas!! Gingerbread Hello Kitty!!

My cute little iPhone is named iPhonie and we have all sorts of adventures together!
I decided to snap some random photos and share my evening adventure with you!!

We went out to eat!! My Caesar salad and our chips and queso! Yummy!!

This is not my "natural" smile, but it was the best picture of all the ones we took!

We had to stop by the bank atm to get some money! We pulled up to our bank and discovered an atm R.V.!! SO weird!! But only in Texas do you see things like this!! I had to take a picture of it for everyone to laugh at!!

Next stop was STARBUCKS!! I got a Chai Tea Latte!!

I forgot all about taking pictures with iPhonie at Starbucks!! Boo!

Next!! We went to see the Christmas Lights show!! It was amazing and so cute!! I took a lot of pictures, but most of them didn't turn out! I posted the best pictures!!

This was probably my favorite! It was a field of  3D poinsettias! They were so pretty and their light reflected in the river that runs right by them!

Really cute Santa's Toyshop!!

I loved this display!! It was a gingerbread house!! There are candy canes and lollipops all over it!!


My sister and I exchanged presents today! Well, our present exchange is somewhat unorthodox. We go shopping together and tell each other what to buy! And we exchange our presents in their store bags!! No wrapping required! In addition to the Hello Kitty plushie, she bought me this I ♥ Nerds cell phone cozy , some earrings, and the Hello 2010 Calendar!

Such a lovely day!!

Hopefully my next adventure with iPhonie will be even more exciting!!

What have you been up to, Lovelies??

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Evie said...

I love this post! I think Adventures with iphonie is such a cute idea. I really love your hello kitty stuff too. Congrats on your anniversary. I think monthly anniversaries is really cute. I think that a christmas lights show sounds exciting.

Leah said...

Hi Jacque! You love quirky clothes like I do and I soooooo love Hello Kitty too. I guess we are soul mates.
Love your new HK items especially your iPhonie.

Happy month-sary to you guys!

Penelope said...

Gosh, that Gingerbread Hello Kitty is so cute (to the max)!! Your I Heart list is so lovely. ^__^

Carrie said...

oh my word I love all the hello kitty stuff :)

my name is lauren. said...

that is the best idea for a gift exchange i've ever heard. honestly...who likes to wrap?

p.s. just noticed you became a follower of my blog. thanks, and i'm excited to get to know you :).

myownlittleuniverse said...

haha...aww....month anniversaries! SO cute. i love it :)
i want an iphone so bad. my boyfriend has one and he has these awesome apps that can make pictures look like polaroids or like it was taken from a helga or you can mess with the color, add blurred edges...etc. do you have those? its SO fun, i'm always grabbing his phone and messing with it!

penny threads. said...

i think that's so adorable that you and your boy celebrate monthly anniversaries! and i love those christmas lights. the poinsettias are beautiful, especially reflecting on the water like that. grea post and like your christmas exchange idea...not a bad idea. :)

Rachel said...

I adore that Hello Kitty! It is too cute!
Love all the Christmas lights!

Jen said...

I love taking snapshots with my phone - capturing life as it happens! Cute pictures.

trishiekoh said...

Looks like a fun night out!

♥cherry. said...

iPhonie is so good at making adventures! i'm so glad that you're having swell times and those gifts are the cutest!

bathmate said...

Well that was a nice post. I liked it.

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