Friday, November 20, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy!

Well, thank goodness this week is over!! We made it through in one piece and without too many mishaps! And now it's time for happy hearts!! What makes my heart happy this week, you ask:
♥   Ranting about life with Brittany
♥   Iced tea from sonic
♥   Buying cute puffy stickers!
♥   My fuzzy dog! He gets under the covers and keeps me warm. Everyone needs a puppy heater!
♥   Wearing scarves now that it is getting cold enough!
♥   Watching cartoons and crocheting under the covers!
♥   Toasty fires
♥   Sipping hot cocoa and giggling!
♥   Yummy turkey wraps and strawberry shortcake!
♥   Going to the movies with my mom!
♥   Birthday cake!!
♥   Discovering something brand new in your closet that you forgot about!
♥   Making new friends with friendly old people
♥   Cute Hair-do Tutorial by CupcakeSniper!
♥   Having a week of good hair days!!
♥   The most adorable etsy shop the dainty squid!! I really really want the hippo zipper pouch!
♥   Watching the new Star Trek movie!
♥   Getting ready for a bake-a-thon before thanksgiving!!

Ok, that's all I have!! What makes your heart happy??

6 Quirky Comments:

Wade said...

Those old people were very friendly!

Jacque said...

But you didn't answer my question!? What makes your heart happy?

Georgia said...

You are so cute, quirky girl!! I like this segment a lot. I think that eating apple pie for dessert, jogging with my dog, and watching Glee makes my heart happy!!

Evie said...

Dang it! I missed my favorite segment. Well even though it's a little late, I have my happy heart list for the week! Eating sushi with friends, tap dancing for charity, walks in the park, snuggling on cold mornings, french toast, cute puppies, and my dad's recovery! All these things make my heart happy!!

BlueRaine said...

I think I like you, quirky girl!

MadHatter said...

I know this is a year late, but like BlueRaine said, I think I like you too, quirky girl! =D I smiled at the mention of your loved one and your puppy heater, but I broke out into a wide grin when I read "Sipping hot cocoa and giggling!" So true! =D

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