Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday How-to!! How To Be More Artistic!!

How To Be More Artistic!!

♥   Channel your inner child!! Children are far more artistic than adults because they have not developed the inhibition of fearing judgement and failure.  So give yourself permission to be more childlike at times. Finger paint, doodle, scribble, draw make-believe creatures, colors outside of the lines, and completely disregard conventional color schemes!!

♥   Expose yourself to all types of art! Go to art galleries, see plays, go to music concerts, listen to classical music, watch films!! Being exposed to different types of art will inspire you in your own artistic endeavors!! Even if you see or hear something that doesn't appeal to your taste, you will be affected by the art in some small way.

♥   Never dismiss your daydreams! Dreaming while you are awake is a wonderfully creative and artistic experience! Allow your imagination to run wild with a thousand ideas!!

♥   Draw more! Carry a small sketch pad in your bag and sketch when you have free time.  You don't have to be an artist or be great at sketching to benefit from drawing!!

♥   Incorporate more color into your life! Buy things in colors you wouldn't normally choose for yourself! Paint your walls in vibrant shades! Hang up colorful posters! Wear a different color combination than you are accustomed to. Colors are visually stimulating!

♥   Try to take more artistic photos! It is easy to only bring out the camera when you have a social event or for fashion purposes.  Try to take more photos of nature! Have a photo shoot with your friends and take artistic photos of each other.

♥    In your personal space, get rid of things that are not inspiring. We are constantly changing and evolving. Get rid of the things that you have outgrown and make room for new things!!

♥   Expose yourself to people who are artistically inspiring to you! Being around someone who is confident in their taste and abilities will influence you in your own experiences.

♥   Make aesthetics a priority in your life.  Some people are not concerned about how things look, but they don't realize that we are all very visual on first glance. Take the time to decorate your apartment or house.  Put some thought into your outfits. Try to keep your personal space clean and organized.

♥   Try new things! Have you ever tried something new and you realize you have a natural talent for it? You never know what you are good at until you give it a try. Take a drawing class! Take dance lessons! Try throwing a pot! Take a cooking class! Learn how to play an instrument! Even if you aren't wonderful at it, you can always continue practicing and hone your skills later on.

♥   Never be afraid to take risks! No matter what you are doing, you cannot be afraid of failure! You must be willing to try things that might not work out.  The only way to reach your full potential is to take the risk that you might fail.

♥   Stop comparing your talents to others! Especially those who have more experience than you. While it is inspiring to see someone who has developed their skills, you shouldn't feel discouraged just because you have a long way to go. Everyone starts in the same place. At the beginning!!

♥   Try a change in perspective every once in a while.  Changing the way you look at something can give you the inspiration you need to make a project work. Tim Gunn's immortal words "Make it Work!" seems very fitting.

♥   Be willing to push aside something that isn't working and start fresh.  Things aren't always going to match your original vision prior to beginning.  If everything is going downhill, you should be willing to start over and do your vision justice.

♥   Try to maintain a positive outlook.  Negativity will only pollute your endeavors and hold you back artistically.  People who remain positive through rough patches are usually more successful because they have faith in themselves and their abilities.

♥   Do things that are considered different or weird.  It's easy to cookie cutter someone else's ideas, but to be truly artistic you must find things that are not always popular and make them work for you.

♥   If you make a mistake, just shrug it off and let it go!! Don't bog down with regrets!! Instead, look forward to your next success!

♥   Never let anyone tell you that your aspirations are silly or unrealistic!! How do they know what you are capable of?? Incredibly successful people only achieved their dreams because they reached out for them.

♥   Have more faith in your capacity for creativity! It is easy to doubt yourself when you are faced with pressure, but you have the ability to be wonderfully creative and artistic!

Happy Tuesday!!  Of course, your comments are always greatly appreciated and cherished as treasures!!

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