Saturday, November 14, 2009


IT'S SATURDAY!!! The best day of the week!! I'm super excited about this week's Saturday Happiness! I surely hope you like it cause I worked hard to make it spiffy! Not sure what to do on such an amazing day?? Well, there are a million things you could do today!!!

♥   Turn off all your clocks, alarms, and reminders! Have a day completely free of the pressures of a time table.  Wake up when you feel rested. Eat when you are hungry. Being free from time is an amazing feeling!! Be a slave to time no longer!!

♥  Just Relax!! Give yourself permission to be lazy and non-productive! Watch your favorite movies, take naps, and enjoy your favorite snacks!

♥   Have a Harry Potter movie marathon! Watch all 6 years of the HP movies!! Serve pumpkin pasties, butter beer, and licorice wands!! Not into Harry Potter? Have a marathon with your favorite movie series!

♥   Read Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland! Disney and Tim Burton are making a live action movie to be released next year which looks very quirky and cute. And much closer to the madness described in Carroll's book as compared to the fluffy sunshine cartoon version.

♥   Make some hot cocoa with marshmallows and sip while snuggling with your favorite person or animal buddy!

♥   Make finger sandwiches with smiley faces and put on a pot of tea! Invite some friends over and bust out your fancy tea cups! Impromptu tea parties are the best kind!

♥   Pick a dandelion and make a wish! Dandelion wishes ALWAYS come true!!

♥   Bake a yummy strawberry cream cake! Share it with others, or devour it all yourself!! Yum!!

♥   Pick (or buy) some pink roses! Gather a few together and tie ribbons around them...Ta Da!! Presents for all of your loves!

♥   Decorate for x-mas or winter early!! No need to wait until after Thanksgiving like most people. Enjoy your happy decorations for twice as long!!

♥   Turn a cute colored paper clip into a heart!! It's the simple things that make me the happiest!

♥   Re-arrange your bedroom furniture! It will create a brand new room!

♥   Go for a long walk and explore the world! Enjoy the change of seasons! Take pictures! Breathe in all the wonderfulness that is nature!

♥   Grab your favorite person in the world and dance together under the stars!!

♥   Use your favorite colors to leave a lovely message in chalk on the sidewalk! It will make someone's day when they come upon your sidewalk art!

♥   Send love letters to all of your friends! Make sure to use lovely stationary, stickers, glitter, stamps and lots of love!!

♥   Clean out your purse, car, room, whatever! Sometimes enough is enough! Get rid of all the clutter and garbage weighing you down! You will feel so refreshed afterwards!!

♥   Go on an adventure with your best friend!

♥   Help someone in need just because!!  Good karma will come back to you later on!!

♥   Make some origami stars!! Instructions here! Use really cute christmas paper and create x-mas decor!

♥  Spend the day being quirky and silly! Only do things that instigate giggles and smiles!!

Hope your Saturday is so spiffy that you burst from all of the giggles and happiness!!

p.s. Happy 14th Wade! I love you Sweetie!!

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Evie said...

I really enjoyed the Saturday Happiness this week! Very creative suggestions. I'm going to try to spend the day without looking at my clocks. Very cute post!

Wade said...

I had a Star Wars movie marathon, except it didn't start today, and it won't end today either :P

CupcakeSniper said...

I LOVE YOU BLOG SOOOOOO MUCH!! I just twittered it so hopefully more people can find this amazing world of yours!! :D

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