Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sorry I'm a little late getting this post up today! I usually write it the night before and post it early in the morning. But I was tired to the extreme last night! I barely had the energy to catch up reading my favorite blog updates. And I'm constantly finding blogs that I love and can't live without! My list is ever growing! So it takes me forever to catch up on reading updates!! Anyhoo! Saturday Happiness, yes??!! What are you going to do on such a lovely day?? Well, the possibilities are endless, but I have some ideas!!

♥   Approach all of your weekend plans with the mindset of "Why Not?"

♥    Catch up on your Zzzz's! Sleep in late or take lots of naps!  Sleep is sooo good for you!

♥   Cook a really yummy breakfast for someone special!! Make toast, pancakes, bacon, eggs, and your other favorite breakfast food!!

♥   Transform your kitchen into a bakery!! Bake cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies, cakes, cobblers!! Everything yummy!! You gotta have lots of goodies ready for people to munch on over the holidays!

♥  Start a "What Makes you Amazing" notebook with your friends. Remember those SLAM books in school ( they were notebooks with everyone's name in it on individual pages. People passed it around and wrote comments which were usually negative and gossipy about the person) In your notebook, write what makes your friends extraordinary, wonderful, and loved by you! Pass it on to your friends and spread the positive vibes!

♥   Make a list of all the wishes you have! Cut them up and put them into a jar, shoe box, or wooden box.  Anytime you are feeling crummy, draw one wish and do something (no matter how small it is) to make that wish happen. It will brighten your day!

 ♥   Make some yummy home made popcicles!!

♥   Re-organize you house according to color scheme! It does take some time, but the end result looks awesome! You can group things together that are the same color or put colors together that are complimentary!

♥   Buy a bag of gummi bears!! Give them names, make them talk to each other, teach them the gummi bear happy dance, and then eat them (Bite their heads off first if you are feeling feisty)!! Yummy!

 ♥   Bake cookies in the shape of cute fishies!! Or in the shape of any random animal! Serve them at your next tea party!! Tasty!!

♥   Bust out the toys from your childhood!! Have fun playing with my little ponies, legos, polly pocket, dolls, barbies, army men, blocks, toy cars and lincoln logs! Invite your friends over and have a nostalgic day remembering the wonders of childhood!!

♥   Make some chocolate covered strawberries!! Recipe here!

♥   Go out of town on a weekend getaway! Visit your friends and relatives! Or seclude yourself and stay in a bed and breakfast! Don't forget to pack your best friend!!

♥   Adopt a shark!! Adopt one for yourself or for someone you know (and love) who loves sharks!! Adopt here!

♥   Dress up like a monster and Read Where the Wild Things Are!! Remember the magic that only existed when you were a child!! (the picture makes me giggle because the book's title is in spanish! Donde viven los monstruos)

♥   Make turkey inspired foods!! It's almost thanksgiving!! Even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving, have fun with turkeys!!

♥   Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket, and watch Monsters Inc. with someone who likes to snuggle!!

♥   Bake Chocolate Red Velvet Cupcakes and take them to someone who is sick!  A tasty treat will definitely make them smile and get better soon!! Recipe here!

Woo, I was really into yummy sweets today, huh? Have a happy weekend!!

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Georgia said...

Such a cute post! I love all the suggestions for a wonderful weekend! I really want to start baking for the holidays now! Hope your weekend is happy too!

Evie said...

WOW!! All of these sounds really fun or really yummie! Extra cute post!!

Wade said...

mmm gummy bears...*CHOMP*

Mermaid said...

I love this and thanks for your shout out to adopt a shark!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

These blog posts are to cute Jackie.. ^.^

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