Monday, November 16, 2009

Make Mondays Marvelous!!

My sister helped me come up with a brand new segment for my blog!! One of my personal mantras is "Make your Monday Marvelous!" I know that everyone hates Mondays, but why should poor Monday be any less special than the rest of the weekdays??  Also, I'm strangely obsessed with alliterations (ex: Green Grapes Grow, Yelllow Yucky Yodallers Yell Yikes). Long ago, I used to come up with a weekly alliteration to make myself happy on Mondays.  It was always a descriptive word paired with a super cute animal.  I would doodle the animal on my white board and it would make me giggle throughout the week. So, BOOM! We put our heads together to create Make Mondays Marvelous! yay!!  Every week there will be a dandy doodle with an amazing alliteration!!

     ♥ Adventurous Alligator wants you to Make Your Monday Marvelous!! ♥

Send away the Monday blahs! Be happy and cheerful!! Smile at everyone you see! Let silliness explode out of your ears!! Do something fun! Giggle!! And at the end of the day, you will realize what a Marvelous Monday it was!!


p.s. I will buy you a pony if you leave me a comment!! Well, maybe not a pony, but you will become my new favorite person in the world!!

p.p.s. Do you do anything special to help you get through a yucky Monday??

p.p.p.s I just realized that Adventurous Alligator only has three legs. And I really think it adds to his appeal.  He was sooo adventurous that he lost one of his legs in deep sea diving excursion!!

♥ Go have your own adventure! But don't lose any limbs! ♥

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Evie said...

Marvelous Mondays? Well, I will definitely try!! I like the new segment though. It's very creative and cute!

CupcakeSniper said...

Omg! I love it!! It makes me feel better about mondays already!!! You're so adorable!!

btw. you said you were having problems with the bangs, whenever you see a stray away hair perhaps add a bobby pin in a way it won't show to hold that hair down. you can always buy smaller ones to hold too.:D

ps. I love your blog!!! It is adorable just like you!!

CupcakeSniper said...

oh! and that is a brave adventurous alligator,, and inspirational! he doesn't let his missing leg hold him back from life :D

CupcakeSniper said...

hey hun, have you thought about getting a button for your site so people can add you to theres and it will direct people to yours. Let me know if you need help with that, I'd be more than happy to and I would LOVE to put your button on my page <3

Mermaid said...

I love your positive way of thinking. Also, maybe the other leg is hiding.

Jacque said...

♥ Cupcake Sniper: Aw thanks for dropping in!! I gave the hair-do another try this morning and it turned out very cute! I got several compliments too (thanks to you!!) I will definitely make a button for my blog sometime this week!!

♥ Mermaid: My sister said that his leg was hiding too, but I was already in love with idea of a three legged alligator!! Very weird and cute at the same time!

Wade said...

Adventurous alligators are altogether absolutely astounding and astonishingly amazing.

Jacque said...

♥ Wade: I just squeed for about 10 minutes straight at your alliteration!! =D <---that's me!!

CupcakeSniper said...

So I was in my Stats bored class doodling on my paper and thought of you and your alliterations so I made you this :D

Jacque said...

♥ Cupcake sniper!! Omg I love her! She is such a creatively cute creation!!! I love doodles and alliterations!! And they say that if you doodle in class, it helps you retain lecture information better! I'm not sure if that is true, but I would like to think so! Happiness!

Georgia said...

I love this idea!! It is so creative and the drawing of the alligator is amazing! I hope that you continue this segment because I really like it.

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