Friday, October 9, 2009

My days are so exciting!

I really want these Hello Kitty Asics!! Aren't they super cute?? But alas, they are also a little expensive for my very frugal budget. I would totally rock these cuties though! Can you believe how much I've been blogging lately?? It really makes me feel good to jot down some thoughts every few days. Recently I've started tweeting! Some people are completely against twitter, and that's totally cool with me. I was once against it too! But now I really really love it! The reason I like it so much is because I can follow lots of people who inspire me, like my fav stars. And it is really fun to read everyone's tweets and connect with them on a small level. I dunno. If that sounds dumb to you, don't tweet! I never use my Myspace, but some people can't live without theirs. I guess it is just a matter of personal preference.

I wish that I wasn't such a shy person. I know that it is just my nature, but I think shy people sometimes miss out on opportunities. I think this when I need a burst of outgoing-ness. I'm actually pretty outgoing and bubbly around the people I know well. It's just the newbies who bring out this shy and scared shadow in the corner girl. I think that I am only shy because I was encouraged to be so when I was a child. I'm very into rationally figuring out why people are they way they are. Like my fear of mice: I'm only afraid of mice because I was conditioned to be afraid of them in my childhood. Whenever I saw a mouse, it would startle me and give me a fright. That conditioned me to be afraid of mice, when I was just startled by them. I have no reason to be afraid of a very small creature who just wants to nibble cheese. I know mice are disease carriers, but so are squirrels. So before my mouse tangent I was talking about my shyness. I've been working on overcoming my shyness. It's hard sometimes, but I think it really is working. I've started trying to talk to people that my shy self would hide from. It really makes me feel fuzzy inside to make new friends. And pushing past my shyness makes me feel really fearless at times. It's the whole idea of doing things outside your comfort zone. It's scary sometimes, but it makes you feel great in the end. I'm also making new discoveries about myself now that I'm more outgoing. It might have been possible that my shyness was directed towards myself as well.

I just discovered a new wonderful blog that I'm now following. It's a blog written by Gala Darling, and it is so lovely! I think it is one of those inspiring and creative websites I was looking for the other day when I googled happiness. Her thoughts are very inspiring! She has this really cute article called "Things I Love Thursday" where she writes a list of things that makes her happy every Thursday. I thought that was such a wonderful idea. I have occasionally made lists of things I love in my journal, but a weekly installment of the list is really imaginative. And I think it promotes positive thinking. I might try to come up with my own version of her really spiffy idea. You should give it a try too!

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