Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Makes My Heart Happy!

evening at my tea house

My journey through the land of sickness the past few weeks has left me a little worn and a little inspired. I was struggling with the news of my thyroid disease when I came down with an upper respiratory infection. I was put on a heavy dose of antibiotics, but because of all the rehearsals for the spooktacular and my school work, I really didn't get enough rest. I ended up with Bronchitis which I am still struggling with the tail end of. The medicine I got put on for my bronchitis makes me feel totally gross. It affects my blood sugar levels, which my doctor said was normal, but is no fun at all. He also put me on a cough medicine with hydrocodone which knocks me out for like half the day. I took it for the first time on Friday evening, and I woke up on saturday...evening. I think it put me in a small coma. But the rest was really nice. I always get a little bummed when I'm sick in bed. I'm not very good at staying at home to rest when I'm sick. I want to be better in an instant and be able to do everything I normally do.

I'm also having to cut back on things right now to avoid stress. We decided that I would drop 9 of my 17 credit hours this semester. It was sort of a hard decision, but I know that I have to take it easy. I'm dropping government, history of western civilization, and spanish 2. All of these classes can be taken again next semester when I'm hopefully doing much better. We also pushed my graduation date back an entire year so that I can spread my remaining classes out over 3 semesters. All of these changes are a little scary, but I have faith that everything will be ok. Everything we have decided is for my own good. 

Well, I've rambled on and on about my sickness. I also wanted to talk about my inspiration! I have really wanted to start a weekly blog list of things that I love or things that inspire me! I know this idea isn't original, but I want to put my own spin on it! So I decided to post a weekly blog about all the things in my life that inspire me or make me giggle.
What makes my Heart Happy this Week:
♥ Hello Kitty in excess! All of her cuteness makes me smile!
♥ Doodling all sorts of creatures and giving them interesting names
♥ Having tea parties with friends and stuffed animals
♥ Chocolate brownies 
♥ Falling asleep in a sea of pillows
♥ Having a Sister who can understand you when you are crying, eating, or brushing your teeth while trying to talk.
♥ Hippos!
♥ Playing Super Mario on my Pink DS and getting Mario-Rage!
♥ Watching cartoons all afternoon
♥ Eating cinnamon toast in bed
♥ Watching Wall-e and making cute robot noises with him!!
♥ Leaving my bed un-made and making nap plans for later!

I think that is all I have for this week! I'll probably have a much longer list next week! It's time for sleepies! Sweet dreams!

♥ P.S. Here is a pic of me as Marie Antoinette! The costume turned out sooo cute! ♥

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Emerald said...

You look so cute as Marie Antoinette!! You could totally pull off the blonde hair!

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